i really love a lot about this video.  the slowness, the use of light and dark and the colors are all so lovely and inspiring...not to mention the song itself.


Go see....Sam Falls

Everything Keeps Being Nothing by Sam Falls
Solo show at Higher Pictures,
764 Madison Avenue, NYC
February 5-March 19, 2011



old B52's are some of my favorite songs.
this video is amazing, look how young they are


Louis le Brocquy

'recognised both at home and internationally as the foremost Irish painter of the 20th century' -The Irish Times

i've just scratched the surface on his work but i'm really loving the early paintings.  
very inspiring!
-also note the nice shoes :)


Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

Over the summer I had the opportunity to meet Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba.  Amongst a handful of other designers from across the globe, we were all selected as part of Master Class in Master Crafts, a workshop hosted by Camper which focused on tradional techniques in leathercraft and shoemaking.  Marcantonio's work is very reflective of his personality-wickedly humourous and in my opinion, I think he is a creative genius.  I can't wait to see the things he comes up with next...
You can see more of his work here



some friends saw him at barneys and confirmed that he's still got it