Margaret ankle booties at Dossier Shop

I've made a special run of Margaret ankle booties for Dossier Journal's shop in Brooklyn! They're a frosted black suede that over time, wears in to become the perfect weathered bootie. The pic above is my own pair after time. So comfortable that they feel like socks. Get them while you can as they are limited!!


Miranda July

This is a great 20 question interview with Miranda July from Interview Magazine. I'm a fan of her work and would love to see her pieces in the Venice Biennale in person. They look like fun.



some of my close lady friends are in this band. not only are they talanted, they are inspirational, beautiful, and stylish to boot. you can listen to them here

1st image by brian tamborello
3rd image by cat stevens


I love Matt Sundin!

He is my buddy and he takes pretty pictures (including the last 3 seasons of Keller)

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